Computer services, remote assistance, and more... 

What we offer

Agassiz Computer Care offers a wide variety of services:

Backup Services

Memories we compile in life can be neatly organized into a timeline of events. This concept is the inspiration behind the Agassiz Computer Care backup and recovery solution.  Imagine a brain void of the ability to retain memories - how would you survive?  Fortunately, your memories are safe with Agassiz Computer Care.  We will back up your files for you and set you up with an automatic backup system so you never lose important photos, files and documents.  

Remote Assistance

Sit back and relax while you watch us fix your computer remotely.  Agassiz Computer Care provides remote computer repairs for your home or business computer.  Utilizing the latest in remote technology, we can easily connect to your computer to remove Spyware, Viruses, or install new software.  No matter where you are, we can help!  
Almost all computer issues can be diagnosed via remote connection.  With just a few clicks from you we can connect to your computer and can take the necessary steps to solve any issue you are having no matter the complexity.  It can be as simple as creating short cuts or changing your background to removing viruses or tuning your computer for optimal performance.  Either way, your computer will be running just how it was before the problems started.  

Virus and Spyware Removal

We use state of the art techniques to remove viruses from your computer.  Did you know spyware can actually compromise your account information, user ids, and passwords?  We can remove that pesky spyware and make sure you don't get it again.  After we remove any spyware/viruses from your computer, we'll help you learn the best ways to help prevent reinfection in the future.

Hardware Upgrades

Increase your computer capability.  If you want a new computer and can't afford it then upgrading is your solution.  Increase the speed by adding more memory, or increase storage by adding a new hard drive.  We will provide you with a quote before any work is done on your computer.

Software Installations

Software installation seems to get more complicated every year.  Serial numbers, product paths, root directories, configuration settings; it can be rather difficult.  With just a simple call, we will assist you with the installation.

Configuration and Installation of Wired/Wireless Networks

A good computer these days is nothing without a reliable network.  Agassiz Computer Care ensures that your network is always up and healthy.  This allows users to share files, printers, and certain software applications. We offer full configuration, support, and installation of wired and wireless networks.  If you have a laptop and like to "be free" while on the internet then a wireless network is for you.  Enjoy fast wireless connectivity to the internet while you wander around your home without wires.

Network Diagnostics

Is your computer network slow and sluggish?  We can help!  As the times change more and more network applications are using more bandwidth.  To feed the needs of these applications several actions can be taken, you can try a faster switch or router, or upgrade to a gigabit network.  Gigabit networks are reasonably priced and can increase the speed of your network by 10 times.

Network Support

We are simply the best in the business!  Anything from home network support to business level support is no problem.  We have experience working in all sorts of fields on all different levels.  Simple jobs from installing new home routers to complex jobs such as troubleshooting servers, we have you covered.